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No Deposit Bonuses - Best No Deposit Bonus Offers for Slots

No Deposit Bonus offers for slots. Listing the best no deposit bonus offers in 2019 for online slots player. Top quality trusted casinos, with the best bonuses

When you are looking to play real money casino, it can be fun take advantage of a deposit bonus. But after that, it can (also) be fun to take a no deposit bonus once in a whiles, as and when they are offered to you.

Although you are highly unlikely to ever cash-out real money into your bank account when you use a no-deposit bonus, they sure are fun to play!

Q: What is a no deposit bonus? A: A no deposit bonus is a special type of promotion offered by online casinos. The players get one or more rewards, whilst not being obliged to deposit any amount of money in order to claim the award. Despite the lack of transactional requirements, there might be some additional requirements that are imposed by the casino, but this depends on the brand and the goal of the promotion, as well.

Q: Why do online casinos offer no deposit bonuses? A: The reasons for launching such a promotion are plentiful. In most cases, no deposit bonuses are used by relatively new online casinos as a means of attracting players from the get-go. Because of these advertising-related goals, you will most often see them sometime around the launch of a new casino. Other sightings of no deposit bonuses often coincide with the launch of a new game, most often a title from an esteemed developer. Therefore, no deposit bonuses have a primary role in letting the world know about a new brand or project.

Q: What are the benefits of using a no deposit bonus?A: First and foremost, the biggest advantage a no deposit bonus can ‘gift’ you is the ability to play with a risk-averse approach. Whenever you see a new casino, there’s always a high dose of skepticism involved, regardless of how scintillating the casino might seem from afar. In such a situation, it can be difficult to just give out your personal information and credit card number. With a no deposit bonus, you’re not required to go through anything but a simple identity verification process.

Once you’ve created an account, you’re free to use the money you were given to test out the casino and see whether you want to make them your regular gaming destination. If you don’t like the site, no harm done. Not a penny was spent and you got the insight you wanted, so the mission is a success. If, however, you like the site, you got a nice head-start in terms of setting up yourself financially.

Q: What are some of the disadvantages of using a no deposit bonus? A: Getting money whilst not having to give anything in return sounds too good to be true, right? Most definitely. No deposit bonuses are not perfected. If they were and if players were able to withdraw their winnings easily, online casinos would be going bankrupt left and right. Therefore, almost every deposit bonus has a number of conditions, stipulations, and requirements, just to keep the whole thing balanced.

Most frequently, you will find that the wagering requirements are quite high and that the bonus contribution rates have been raised, at least when compared to regular deposit bonuses. While you’re not required to make any sort of commitment, withdrawing money is significantly more difficult. If you’re looking to make a financial splash, a no deposit bonus is definitely not the best option.

Q: What are the usual wagering requirements for a no deposit bonus? A: The majority of no deposit bonuses have wagering requirements in the 20-40x ballpark, but you can find offers that are both more and less and demanding than this usual range. No matter how beneficial the other aspects of the bonus are, you should never claim an offer that has wagering requirements above 50x. This will make it borderline impossible to claim your winnings, as you’re going to have to wager your bonus 50 or more times. Sometimes, it’s just not worth the effort.

Q: Who is eligible for claiming a no deposit bonus? A: Most casinos limit the use of no deposit bonuses to new players, but the definition of this term varies from one website to the other. Some brands offer such promotions only to brand new accounts upon registration, which basically disqualifies anyone who has an account but hasn’t played before.

Other sites expand upon this requirement and allow anyone with no deposits in their account history to claim a no deposit bonus. To be certain about what you’re in for, read the terms and conditions of the bonus carefully.

Q: Which games count towards meeting the wagering requirements of a no deposit bonus? A: Each online casino has the freedom to impose its own limitation and requirements. Usually, you will find that slots have a 100% contribution rate to the requirements, whilst table games are often in the low digit ballpark. This is the case due to players having a much larger impact on the overall outcomes of games such as roulette, blackjack, or even dice. Therefore, it would be financially detrimental for the casino to treat table games the same as slots.

On the other hand, slots have a much lower RTP and the player has almost no influence over what happens after each spin. This makes it much harder to implement any strategy, making luck the predominant factor when it comes to playing slots.

Top Casinos that offer No Deposit Bonuses to Loyal Players

Are there any disadvantages to no-deposit bonuses?

Yes, there are many drawbacks to no-deposit bonuses. The major disadvantage of No Deposit bonus is that the amount is pretty low – no more than $10 or $5. Compared to hundreds of dollars that you can get when the casino matches your deposit, this seems pretty negligible and you will not get a lot of gameplay – unless, of course, you stay in the winning streak.

The low amount will also limit your possibilities – some Live tables or even slots will be off limits.

Another drawback of No Deposit bonus is a much higher wagering requirement rate, which combined with the limited time for meeting the requirements can seem pretty unattainable. Last but definitely not least is the retroactive deposit request – in other words, the casino might ask the players to submit the deposit if they score a big win while wagering with bonus cash.

Technically, this would disqualify the bonus as a No Deposit type of reward, but rules are rules.

Why take a no-deposit bonus?

Not investing your own money is a great opportunity to wager on the “risky” games or hit any category of games that you would normally avoid due to the lack of skills and favourable odds.

Since the money is not coming out of your own pocket, losing it will not really be a setback. Any winnings are yours to keep and use towards further wagering and meeting the play-through requirements. In most cases, the casino will let you spend the bonus cash across all the gaming categories, and you can use the award to purchase live casino chips or simply hit the slots.

Theoretically, if you hit the winning streak, you can literally make the wagering requirement payout without spending a dime of your own money or play a number of games in real-cash mode using nothing but the funds provided by the casino.

At the same time, you will spend enough time to collect the loyalty points (when available) and get an insight in the casino’s overall promotional program.


No Deposit bonuses are cash amounts awarded to the new casino members before a deposit is submitted.

Unlike regular welcome bonuses which are only granted when the casino cashier is funded, No Deposit bonus can be unlocked as soon as you register. In some cases, the casinos will request your mobile number to activate the reward, but more often than not, one simply must opt-in and click on the email registration link, enter the pin or use any other verification option that the casino requests.

Obviously, this is so much easier than selecting the payment method, transferring the money to the casino and waiting for the transaction to be processed before you can redeem your bonus. With No Deposit variant, you basically just click and collect. Of course, you will not be able to cash out this money as it can only be used for gambling.

Bonus cash is not the only type of No Deposit bonus that the casinos use to welcome the players. Free Spins may also be granted, but you can easily see why bonus cash is a much more popular choice, providing the players with a much wider range of betting opportunities.


Can I play slots online for real money?

Best App for Casino Slots: BetMGM Mobile Casino App This operator has fantastic features making playing casino games more enjoyable on mobile devices. However, the area where BetMGM Casino thrives is real money games and online slots.2024/06/19

What are the best online real money slots?

BetMGM. BetMGM is the best casino online real money site and app in the United States. It offers a peerless range of games, including more than 1,000 high-quality slots and dozens of great table games in certain states. BetMGM also runs an in-house progressive jackpot network, which offers very high payouts.

Which slots pay the most online?

In some cases, real money slots sites offer bonus features that are worth more than the actual slot machine prize, such as multiple reels and bonus icons. Some real money slots websites allow players to use their credit cards or pay with PayPal for their real money slot winnings.

What online slot wins the most?

One of the most common and effective online slots winning strategies is to play in low limit slots because these machines pay more when you win. If you play high limit slots then you may not make back as much money. Low limit slots usually pay better and hence this is why they remain popular with players.

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